Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Known Issues

Players could not properly connect to the server (fixed)
Players could not maintain a connection to the server (fixed)

Current tasks:
Players are spawning in an unknown area

If there are any more errors, please post them here.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Public Test Realm

Sorry for the wait. The public test realm is available to all players without any need for registration.
Note: On login you will spawn at a random location. Teleportation to friends are coming soon.
Realistic Environment (Trees, 3 major rivers, 1 lake, multiple streams and creeks)
The ability to place anything anywhere (fences on top of fences, ladders on top of ladders, even place a woodenpressureplate on top of a fence to make a table)
Other various things that I'll mention in detail later

To connect:

Step 1: Delete your bin and resources folder in your .minecraft folder

Step 2: Run minecraft.exe to get the fresh content

Step 3: MCNostalgia
- Download the archive (http://sfxworks.net/mcn.zip)
- Extract it anywhere
- Run MCNostalgia.exe
- Press (y) 4 times
- Press enter to close out the program
- Re-open MCNostalgia.exe
- Press 1 to patch your jar
- - When it finishes, close out the program.

Step 4: mcsync
- Get Adobe Air if you don't already have it (http://get.adobe.com/air/)
- Download and Install mcsync (http://sfxworks.net/mcsync.air)
- Launch it
- - When it finishes, close out the program.

Connect on mcserver1337.servegame.com

If you ever need to connect to another server, simply re-open mcnostalgia and press 2 for "unpatch".