Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prepping for 1.7

Expect the site to be live on thursday at minecraft.sfxworks.net.
Expect the client side mod to be done by friday.
Expect the simple installer do be done by friday.
Expect the forums to be live on saturday at minecraft.sfxworks.net.
Expect the minecraft server to be live on monday at mcserver.sfxworks.net

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

UI Design preview

Designed it myself :P

Currently being coded by Storm Burpee! Wish him luck!


Too real? :P

Just rented a web server for the site. Its sfxworks.net (however, it will be minecraft.sfxworks.net in the near future).

Storm Burpee says he can get the ui and chat channels done in a day. Also, it will work on low-performance computers. Think of it as a new client-side redesign vs a client-side addon (Basically, starting from scratch vs adding to whats already there).

Kohjix is doing some cool backgrounds for the website.

I am finishing up the design for the UI.

If all goes well, we should have everything finished in 24 hours.

Oh...wait...the map generation..

Currently, I am working with the author of phoenixterrainmod along with a few other plugin developers.

This drawing (Yes its bad. I drew it in a rush) should explain how the server will work.

Its composed of 3 worlds for 3 times the fun! (...I guess I say corny stuff when im tired....and say corny which I havn't said in years)

In any case, this SHOULD be my last all-nighter. Ill keep you guys posted!

PS : I am aware of 1.7 on Thursday. Everything should work just fine. We were the first server to have 1.6 with bukkit and we can do it again with 1.7!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Why do people do this?

This sets us back even more... Why did Galaxy do this?

Looking for someone to make the client side UI again.


Its instant. I modded it so that it automatically adds you when you register on the website (which is close to done). Please stop messaging me about it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

While you wait...

Something interested VANDIGO found on the internet.

Get Adobe Flash player

Click and hold down the gray blocks to make them turn white. They ping a sound each round. Enjoy.

Oh yeah. Jobs for hire.

Server Programmers.
- The list goes on. Email me if you're interested WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION
Name, Age, Timezone, Native Language, Primary Coding Language, Any Secondary Coding Languages, links or a description of any projects complete in the past (If you don't have any thats fine.)

- Basically, make a news video of new stuff going on in the server. It will be displayed on the front page every week/day/someinvervalyouset. Details later. Email me if you're interested. You may work with more than one player.

Forum Moderators.
- Self explanatory. Email me if you're interested WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION
Name, Age, Timezone, Native Language, Details of any Experience.

Secondary Web Masters
-You'll be working directly with me on website maintenance. Required to know some knowledge of the following languages.
- AS3
-javaSCRIPT (javascript =/= java)

Email me if you are interested in any of the following at sfxworks@gmail.com

Sever Update Status

Website & Server Synchronization success.
UI In the making. I just finished the design for it.
Leveling system reconfigured. There are no longer levels that say "You must be this tall to ride this item."
Authentication system dramatically upgraded and synced with the website.
Added local chat.
Tweaked server to DRAMATICALLY reduce lag.
Added temporary developer channel (email me if you would like to help out).

Reconfiguring Map Generator. (thechillhacker)
- Will extend past the 128 block limit allowing building at MUCH greater heights.
Programming the client side UI. (Galaxy)
Creating a simple installer for the UI. (sfxworks)

To Do:
Generate the map with the continents, rivers, and oceans. (Not as hard as I thought)
Add protection, mech, and data mods.
Design scheme for the site.
Transfer world data to the New Server.
Add PVP battle grounds & other PVP configuration.

ETA: ~2-3 days. The wait will be worth it guys. Hold tight.

Friday, June 24, 2011

(using password: NO)

Sorry guys. Working on a registeration issue with the database. I'll have it up by today.

Ps give thanks to thechillhacker Galaxy for offering to help program! And give a big thanks to Billz5243 for suggesting some awesome mods!

Until then, you can watch (not really) on the work I am doing here.

Ps: Zerobot the flash banner is working. Delete your browser's cache and reload the page.

Edit: Ok guys im pulling an all nighter again to get this done. I don't want to keep you all waiting forever. There has been some rapid progress. Hopefully I wont have to.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Server - Notice

The server will be down for approx 2 days while I clean up the system and prep for 1.7.

All your work is saved. You wont regret the wait.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


They are disabled. The server is back online.

Monday, June 20, 2011

And its back up

I appologize for that. Trying to delete a whole folder full of map files. (their like 1kb each but theres a good 9000000 of them).

Im deleting another folder but this one isnt as big. It shouldnt cause the server to crash this time.

Saturday, June 18, 2011




Surprise Update!

The surprise update failed. I know why though so Ill work on more testing today and have it up by tomorrow.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Programmers Needed.

This is an announcement to anyone willing to mod on request. I am looking for programmers willing to help with the server. Trying to become independent from bukkit. Please email me at sfxworks@gmail.com if you are interested.

Edit: I am very interested in programmers that are able to modify the map generation technique. If you are able to do so, please email me at sfxworks@gmail.com.

Edit: I will happily pay for you service. (Nothing big though. Around 10-40$)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Even more unique generation.

I came across a powerful tool that might be added to the world soon. It has to do with unique world generation. I already added unique world generation but THIS does it automatically lol.

Take a look of what could become of it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Its done...

And the server is back up :)

The map should upload by tomorrow for all of you to see.

Server is Down

Sorry guys but to generate the map the server has to be down. Map generation has been running all day. Its at its final stage and I need all the RAM an processing speed I can get. It should be done in a few hours. Sorry about this. Ill fix any problems before it comes back up. ALSO don't worry. Your items were saved :P

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"can i be op?"

No. Now stop spamming it in chat, stop posting it in my comments, and stop sending it to me in my email.


Another (Hopefully bug free) Server Update

  • Trashed the locking system and added LWC. Find the commands here.
  • Fixed an issue with hookshot that would cause some players to not be able to use it.
  • Allowed Moderators to access the database in order to properly rollback grievers.
  • Allowed Moderators to spawn items for personal use only.
  • Allowed Moderators to view reports using /report view
  • Removed unnecessary plugins.
  • Players that fall into the void will now have their items recovered.
  • Players can now use /report instead of /helpop
  • Fixed all teleportation methods into the Nether
  • Upgraded NPCs to a new build.
  • Added a leveling system for Armor, Weapons,
  • Disabled world-wide notification when a player would level up.
Currently Testing/Configuring/Waiting
  • New Group Manager for commands.
  • NPC type Guards.
  • Banking system.
  • Regional Chat.
  • Scrolling signs.
To Do
  • Re-configure and balance Leveling System.
  • Set wait time and cooldown for /home vs instant teleportation.
  • Configure Mob Spawning.
  • Add arenas.
  • Finish website.
  • Configure periodic Tips.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Server is up!

Sorry for the minor issue guys. The server is back. Up and running 100%.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick 5 Min update!

NOTICE: Anti-lag now works on port 1440. This will fix any connection issues.
NOTICE: When you punch a chest to lock it, it will not give you a message saying that you locked your chest. However, it is still locked and no other players can open it except yourself.

Users can now lock doors by looking at the door and typing /lock.
If the player has an item in hand, that item becomes the "key". Anyone with that "key" can unlock the door.
If the player has no items in hand, then only that player may open and close the door.

Chest locking re-configured. To lock a chest, you must punch it with an empty hand (instead of whacking it with a stick)

Users may also lock furnaces and dispensers.

Users can add "co-owners" who can also /lock and /unlock doors, chests, furnaces, and dispensers. Use /coowner to add a "co-owner" of the door, chest, furnace,o or dispenser.

Anti-lag is now enabled.
Creepers spawn again.
Creepers explode.
Nether works properly.
Players can now light their own nether portals.
Iron-City now has a nether portal and is establishing a stronghold there.
Iron-City now has guards to ward of creepers.
Andromeda now has guards to ward of creepers.
Iron-City now has plots available.
Players can now /msg again.
Players can now set their home and /home again.
Animals spawn again.

Anti-Lag works again

Download the latest version here.
Find the instructions on how to use here.

Using this is highly encouraged before connecting to the server. It increases your gaming experience while increasing others as well.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The server is up!

After much toleration of NPCs and many bugs from the Nether....

The server is up :)
The rail line now works from andromeda to ironcity! Travel now!


Sever Updated.

NOTICE: PASSWORDS ARE RESET. Re register using /register

The server is now open to moderators and admins. The server will be open to players within a few hours of initial launch.

Kicked if afk for 3 minutes
Tree detection increased. Logs will now move down if the log is part of a tree
Users will no longer lose an item if a tool has been broken during the process
Authentication is now a required. Please use /register and type in a password afterwards.

Example: /register passw0rd. Using that, "passw0rd" would be your password. You would have to use the command /login passw0rd every time you login. This is to prevent users from loggin into eachothers accounts.

The ligher is no longer blocked allowing users to create nether portals.
Firespread is still blocked.
Firespread is in the process of being able to spread onto certain blocks. Remove any lava containers made of wood before the next update.

Elevators can now be created by users. Creating one cost 40 dollars. Adding a floor cost 7 dollars. Adding a glass door to a floor costs 5 dollars.

Players can now /broadcast at the cost of 20$. Use this to advertise your town or business.

A new banning feature has been added. Users banned will not be able to logon as a different

Players can now create floodgates using trap doors.
Nether is enabled.
Region claiming is fixed

Players may now light arrows on fire with flint and steel
Players can now store their money in banks

Movecraft is still in the works and is temporarily disabled
Hookshot is re-enabled. Players can now scale mountains by launching an arrow and climbing it with a string.

Fences now have the ability to open and close. Place a fence block 2 blocks under the fence you want to open and close.

Players can now send messages to offline players using /memo PLAYERNAME MESSAGE

An ore detection system is in the works

Users can now successfully interact with NPCs
Blacksmith creation cost set to $450
Basic creation cost set to $150
Guard creation cost set to $1200
Trader creation cost set to $350
A user may only have 10 NPCs at one time

Ore Respawn
Ore respawn is currently in testing. If you see an error (such as a random floating block of

diamond) please report it.

Anti-Grief related
The logging of leaves decaying is disabled to decrease server load
Kills are now logged
Explosions are now logged
Lavaflow is now logged

World Configurations
Towns are now considered part of the wild. Therefor, they are unprotected and creepers may explode inside of them.
Any grieving done by a player ANYWHERE (Even in unprotected zones) is automatically rolled back. Jails will now be implemented vs banning.

Fixed login que
Reserve list for login que now reserves spots for donators as well as moderators and admins

Donator Rank LvL 1 reconfigured
Minimin amount required to aquire this rank is set to 10$
Able to instantly teleport to other players
Able to bypass login que and instantly join
Do not get kicked for being AFK

Added Donator Rank LvL 2
Minimum amount required to aquire this rank is set to 20$
Inherits perks for Donator Rank LvL 1
Able to warp to citys and other locations
Recives a stack of fresh tools and
May not sell the items spawned (To keep the economy balanced)

Added Donator Rank LvL 3
Minimum amount required to aquire this rank is set to 50$
Must be a trusted player
Inherits perks from Donator Rank LvL 2
Able to use a powerful world editing tool
May spawn items at whim

Security has been upgraded

Rules, Regulations, and configurations to Citys and Towns applied
[Temporary] Can only be made by admins
Minimum of 5 jobs must be offered
Do not spawn creepers
Must have a minimum of 20 plots with an
Must have some form of a "City Hall"
Must have a public mine
Must be seperated by atleast 1000 block (However, Highly recommended to be separeted by 4000+

to avoid culture clause)
Must have a unique attribute
Must have a story line or a "lore"
Must have a unique attribute (EX: Ironcity = Iron, Andromeda = Glowstone & Future tec)
Must have a unique characteristic(Ex: Andromeda = Mall)
Responsible for pathing for towns established within city's limits
All buildings must have a purpose
Must have empty plots
Optional: Have pre-made houses to fit the city's style
City leader must keep track of nearby towns population
City leaders must grant nearby towns a chest full of appropriate items once they hit the

poplulation limit of 15
City leaders must pave a path from their city to the town once the town has hit the population

limit of 5
Must have some form of a graveyard

A town becomes "official" in the nearest city's eyes once it hits a population of 5
Must be within a city's bounds (EX if Andromeda's city bounds is 1000 blocks then you must

build within 1000 blocks of
(Optional)Offer some form of work for the nearest city (EX: Spawntown = Spontanious generation

of super humans capable of carring 2304 metric tons of anything along with automatically

knowing how to work without the need of food or water)
(Optional)Building style must be somewhat related to their city (EX: Futuritic if near andromeda)

Andromeda has shared its future tec. Users across the globe are now able to create lampstone.

Lampstone turns to glowstone during the night and glass during the day. To create lampstone,

use the command /lampstone and place a glowstone block. Turn lampstone mode off by using


Ironcity has finished its construction. Users may now become a resident of ironcity.

Next matinence: June 16th, 2011
Website integration
Improved help

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thursday Maintenance on Thursday

As I have said, the server will be down most of the day. Updating everything. Thanks.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Server Is online

Had time to apply a few updates too.

Afk auto-kick has now been increased from 2 minutes to 5 min
Players can now plant apple trees by right-clicking SOIL with an APPLE
Chance of apples spawning from unfertilized trees is set to 33%
Players can now plant cocoa bean trees by right-clicking SOIL with COCOA BEANS
Chance of cocoa beans spawning from unfertilized spruce trees is set to 33%
Fertilized APPLE and COCOA BEAN trees drop 1 APPLE or COCOA BEAN every 2 minutes
The World Border is now set at a 14,750 block radius
Tips should now work properly

Now applying new NPC system. It will be in testing.

oh boy. no cable

Power didn't go out (yet) but the local cable station just lost power. Could be fixed in a few minutes, could be in a few days. I guess nows a good time to do some matinence anyway. Ill keep you posted.

Banned. Banned. Banned. HAHAHAHA

Grievers are so easy to deal with using the tech I have. Honestly, if your a griever, don't even try. You're just waisting your time. Its literally an easy 2 seconds of investigation and 5 seconds to undo all of your actions in the world.

On a side note, I am scheduling maintenance for Thursday. It will be a short 3 hour period of fixing a few mods and cleaning up the mess players who join and leave make. During that time i'll wire in the website into the server. When thats done it will be perfectly up and running.

Last thing. Im almost done with the rail line. All I have to do is fix up Iron City and help Vandigo (if she needs it) finish the bridge that crosses the lake.

Heres a sneak peak at the last mini-bridge you cross before entering Iron City

Since the banner is still down, ill continue to post the server's address at the bottom of each post.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Server Update (6/5/2011)

  • Temporarily disabled chairs because of a bug that would kick the player saying "Nope."
  • Added a feature that allows people to send messaged to players whom are offline using /memo
  • Fixed NPCs. (During the first 10 minutes of online time the npcs will be re-placed throughout the world"
  • Added a Moderator and Admin mode. Use /am on or /am off. This will save your inventory, health, and level and bring it back once you use /am off
  • Admin Mode now spawns with the proper tools needed.
  • Added periodic tips that display every 7 minutes
  • Added Donator Rank
  • Donator ranked users can now fly and teleport (must use a client side mod to fly such as zombes)
  • Modded server to automatically enter a "High traffic mode" to ease lag for players who arn't using the anti-lag feature.
  • Regular players can now hookshot themselves onto cliffs and zipline across using an ARROW and STRING
  • Added rail line from Andromeda to
  • Added a feature to reload chunks in and around them using /chunkme. This will fix the "infinite falling" error.
  • Fixed issue with Friends List. Players can now successful add and remove friends using /friend add & player remove
  • Players can now create NPCs at the cost of in-game money
  • Re-Imported Iron City that didn't cause the world to turn upside down and walk the dinosaur.
  • Caves now have a chance to cave in if a user breaks a block inside one (will be balanced in time)
  • Fixed the database not logging a player's actions properly
  • "PandaTown" is now an official town
  • "SexyTown" is now an official town
  • "NewTown" now has plots open that were abandoned
  • Admins and Moderators now have the option of turning invisible
  • Veterans now have the option of turning invisible
  • Disabled Chest shops because of an unstable issue that would crash the server
To Do
  • Configure TNT cannons in developing PVP Arena
  • Configure custom game mode Battleships
  • Configure Teleporting cost to take account for inventory weight
  • Finish and name
  • Set a scheduled maintenance date so I don't have to keep randomly shutting the server down.
  • Continue Terra-forming Continents
  • Load in Player Requested houses in next update
  • Finish the website and the "forums"
  • Add the ONLY cross continental rail station from IronCity to
  • Import or Recreate the WorldTree
  • Have food "rot" over time
  • Add events for world tree. (If world tree dies then all trees slowly fade within a 7 day period (vs all at once that tremendously lagged the server to the point of a crash))
  • Decide on whether or not to import CloudCroft and act as the city above the sea
  • Configure a server-side flying mechanism
  • Create separate levels for Donator Ranks
  • Allow a higher level Donaor Rank to spawn items at a cost of in-game money
  • Decide on whether or not to allow players to temporarily turn invisible (if based on Andromeda's future technologies)
  • Add a background story for cities, regions, continents, and the world
  • Give the world a name
  • Fix meteorite spawning
  • Fix leveling system not working properly
  • Allow Moderators to use a terrain editor while off the job
  • Allow Players to create elevators at a cost

Waiting On
  • 000webhost to finish maintenance on comxa.com so the banner on my server will be loaded in properly.
  • A fix so chairs will properly work
  • You to report any errors or bugs to me at sfxworks@gmail.com
  • Minecraft Troll Physics to go away

Props to MarineCityNerd for being our first donator!!

Notice: Authentication is not yet forced but encouraged. Use /register to create a password to login each time you play.

UPDATE: Caves no longer cavein because it conflicts with a protection addon.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anti-Lag updated

Click here to download it.

If you have used it before, change all ports (in anti-lag and in Minecraft) to 1440. So you would connect on localhost:1440 vs localhost:25565

Find the instructions on how to use here.


Server Update

Since the banner is down I guess Ill just post the minecraft IP in every first post. But anyway...

  • When you chop a log off a tree, the ascending log will now move down.
  • Added a leveling system
  • IP bans now work even if using the Anti-Lag program
  • Added an authentication system
  • Money, Trade, and user based shops are now up
  • Users can now make showcases using a half step (instead of a glass block)
  • Users can now make shops out of a chest using
  • Users can now lock their chests by LEFT-CLICKING with a STICK
  • Eating sugar now gives a "sugar rush"
  • Users can now ride ANYTHING...even players, with a SADDLE
  • GUNPOWDER now has a chance of exploding when near LAVA
  • Imported IronCity
  • Player cap increased from 15 to 30.
  • Anti-Spam is enabled. Meaning you cant say "CAN I BE OP" more than once every minute
To Do
  • Configure tips to display every few minutes
  • Create chat channels so users arnt flooded with spam
  • Terraform continents
  • Add ocean
  • Create rail line from Andromeda to IronCity
  • Make an official website for the server
  • Fix the banner on the blog

Waiting on

Wednesday, June 1, 2011




The Entire Map

The lake in the middle? Spawn town. Yeah. Its that big.

Server is back online btw. I will fix EVERYTHING ELSE tomorrow.

Extended Maintenance


Be cool! We will be back 100% in a bit!