Sunday, June 5, 2011

Server Update (6/5/2011)

  • Temporarily disabled chairs because of a bug that would kick the player saying "Nope."
  • Added a feature that allows people to send messaged to players whom are offline using /memo
  • Fixed NPCs. (During the first 10 minutes of online time the npcs will be re-placed throughout the world"
  • Added a Moderator and Admin mode. Use /am on or /am off. This will save your inventory, health, and level and bring it back once you use /am off
  • Admin Mode now spawns with the proper tools needed.
  • Added periodic tips that display every 7 minutes
  • Added Donator Rank
  • Donator ranked users can now fly and teleport (must use a client side mod to fly such as zombes)
  • Modded server to automatically enter a "High traffic mode" to ease lag for players who arn't using the anti-lag feature.
  • Regular players can now hookshot themselves onto cliffs and zipline across using an ARROW and STRING
  • Added rail line from Andromeda to
  • Added a feature to reload chunks in and around them using /chunkme. This will fix the "infinite falling" error.
  • Fixed issue with Friends List. Players can now successful add and remove friends using /friend add & player remove
  • Players can now create NPCs at the cost of in-game money
  • Re-Imported Iron City that didn't cause the world to turn upside down and walk the dinosaur.
  • Caves now have a chance to cave in if a user breaks a block inside one (will be balanced in time)
  • Fixed the database not logging a player's actions properly
  • "PandaTown" is now an official town
  • "SexyTown" is now an official town
  • "NewTown" now has plots open that were abandoned
  • Admins and Moderators now have the option of turning invisible
  • Veterans now have the option of turning invisible
  • Disabled Chest shops because of an unstable issue that would crash the server
To Do
  • Configure TNT cannons in developing PVP Arena
  • Configure custom game mode Battleships
  • Configure Teleporting cost to take account for inventory weight
  • Finish and name
  • Set a scheduled maintenance date so I don't have to keep randomly shutting the server down.
  • Continue Terra-forming Continents
  • Load in Player Requested houses in next update
  • Finish the website and the "forums"
  • Add the ONLY cross continental rail station from IronCity to
  • Import or Recreate the WorldTree
  • Have food "rot" over time
  • Add events for world tree. (If world tree dies then all trees slowly fade within a 7 day period (vs all at once that tremendously lagged the server to the point of a crash))
  • Decide on whether or not to import CloudCroft and act as the city above the sea
  • Configure a server-side flying mechanism
  • Create separate levels for Donator Ranks
  • Allow a higher level Donaor Rank to spawn items at a cost of in-game money
  • Decide on whether or not to allow players to temporarily turn invisible (if based on Andromeda's future technologies)
  • Add a background story for cities, regions, continents, and the world
  • Give the world a name
  • Fix meteorite spawning
  • Fix leveling system not working properly
  • Allow Moderators to use a terrain editor while off the job
  • Allow Players to create elevators at a cost

Waiting On
  • 000webhost to finish maintenance on comxa.com so the banner on my server will be loaded in properly.
  • A fix so chairs will properly work
  • You to report any errors or bugs to me at sfxworks@gmail.com
  • Minecraft Troll Physics to go away

Props to MarineCityNerd for being our first donator!!

Notice: Authentication is not yet forced but encouraged. Use /register to create a password to login each time you play.

UPDATE: Caves no longer cavein because it conflicts with a protection addon.


  1. Man, this is intense... so much to do and so much done!

  2. I just logged in, and I got a message saying I was banned. I didn't do anything! My username is qpj123

  3. So I was told that the server is down for now then?

  4. This looks like a lot of stuff to manage!

  5. Is there like a pvp war like minecraft server? do you have a section like that?

  6. minecraft129, ill take a picture of it next post
    Carson, you were banned because of grieving. You will be un-banned in 4 days