Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sever Updated.

NOTICE: PASSWORDS ARE RESET. Re register using /register

The server is now open to moderators and admins. The server will be open to players within a few hours of initial launch.

Kicked if afk for 3 minutes
Tree detection increased. Logs will now move down if the log is part of a tree
Users will no longer lose an item if a tool has been broken during the process
Authentication is now a required. Please use /register and type in a password afterwards.

Example: /register passw0rd. Using that, "passw0rd" would be your password. You would have to use the command /login passw0rd every time you login. This is to prevent users from loggin into eachothers accounts.

The ligher is no longer blocked allowing users to create nether portals.
Firespread is still blocked.
Firespread is in the process of being able to spread onto certain blocks. Remove any lava containers made of wood before the next update.

Elevators can now be created by users. Creating one cost 40 dollars. Adding a floor cost 7 dollars. Adding a glass door to a floor costs 5 dollars.

Players can now /broadcast at the cost of 20$. Use this to advertise your town or business.

A new banning feature has been added. Users banned will not be able to logon as a different

Players can now create floodgates using trap doors.
Nether is enabled.
Region claiming is fixed

Players may now light arrows on fire with flint and steel
Players can now store their money in banks

Movecraft is still in the works and is temporarily disabled
Hookshot is re-enabled. Players can now scale mountains by launching an arrow and climbing it with a string.

Fences now have the ability to open and close. Place a fence block 2 blocks under the fence you want to open and close.

Players can now send messages to offline players using /memo PLAYERNAME MESSAGE

An ore detection system is in the works

Users can now successfully interact with NPCs
Blacksmith creation cost set to $450
Basic creation cost set to $150
Guard creation cost set to $1200
Trader creation cost set to $350
A user may only have 10 NPCs at one time

Ore Respawn
Ore respawn is currently in testing. If you see an error (such as a random floating block of

diamond) please report it.

Anti-Grief related
The logging of leaves decaying is disabled to decrease server load
Kills are now logged
Explosions are now logged
Lavaflow is now logged

World Configurations
Towns are now considered part of the wild. Therefor, they are unprotected and creepers may explode inside of them.
Any grieving done by a player ANYWHERE (Even in unprotected zones) is automatically rolled back. Jails will now be implemented vs banning.

Fixed login que
Reserve list for login que now reserves spots for donators as well as moderators and admins

Donator Rank LvL 1 reconfigured
Minimin amount required to aquire this rank is set to 10$
Able to instantly teleport to other players
Able to bypass login que and instantly join
Do not get kicked for being AFK

Added Donator Rank LvL 2
Minimum amount required to aquire this rank is set to 20$
Inherits perks for Donator Rank LvL 1
Able to warp to citys and other locations
Recives a stack of fresh tools and
May not sell the items spawned (To keep the economy balanced)

Added Donator Rank LvL 3
Minimum amount required to aquire this rank is set to 50$
Must be a trusted player
Inherits perks from Donator Rank LvL 2
Able to use a powerful world editing tool
May spawn items at whim

Security has been upgraded

Rules, Regulations, and configurations to Citys and Towns applied
[Temporary] Can only be made by admins
Minimum of 5 jobs must be offered
Do not spawn creepers
Must have a minimum of 20 plots with an
Must have some form of a "City Hall"
Must have a public mine
Must be seperated by atleast 1000 block (However, Highly recommended to be separeted by 4000+

to avoid culture clause)
Must have a unique attribute
Must have a story line or a "lore"
Must have a unique attribute (EX: Ironcity = Iron, Andromeda = Glowstone & Future tec)
Must have a unique characteristic(Ex: Andromeda = Mall)
Responsible for pathing for towns established within city's limits
All buildings must have a purpose
Must have empty plots
Optional: Have pre-made houses to fit the city's style
City leader must keep track of nearby towns population
City leaders must grant nearby towns a chest full of appropriate items once they hit the

poplulation limit of 15
City leaders must pave a path from their city to the town once the town has hit the population

limit of 5
Must have some form of a graveyard

A town becomes "official" in the nearest city's eyes once it hits a population of 5
Must be within a city's bounds (EX if Andromeda's city bounds is 1000 blocks then you must

build within 1000 blocks of
(Optional)Offer some form of work for the nearest city (EX: Spawntown = Spontanious generation

of super humans capable of carring 2304 metric tons of anything along with automatically

knowing how to work without the need of food or water)
(Optional)Building style must be somewhat related to their city (EX: Futuritic if near andromeda)

Andromeda has shared its future tec. Users across the globe are now able to create lampstone.

Lampstone turns to glowstone during the night and glass during the day. To create lampstone,

use the command /lampstone and place a glowstone block. Turn lampstone mode off by using


Ironcity has finished its construction. Users may now become a resident of ironcity.

Next matinence: June 16th, 2011
Website integration
Improved help


  1. I'm not to sure about the password, because what if someone forgot the / in /login? then it would be in the chat bar becaude i wouldn't want that happening to me.

  2. When is the server gonna be up ? I've been trying to log in and it's technically friday now :P

  3. An afk kicker is one of the best changes you could add. Fine job!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hey sfx, I've been on your server for about a month and had a registered password (been using it to get on). That password isn't working anymore though and it won't let me in :( My username is GreenTeaSoda. I'd appreciate it a ton if you could maybe reset it so I can put in a new one, or maybe fix the bug that's not letting me use my old one. Thanks ^^

  6. Passwords are reset. use /register