Monday, June 6, 2011

Server Is online

Had time to apply a few updates too.

Afk auto-kick has now been increased from 2 minutes to 5 min
Players can now plant apple trees by right-clicking SOIL with an APPLE
Chance of apples spawning from unfertilized trees is set to 33%
Players can now plant cocoa bean trees by right-clicking SOIL with COCOA BEANS
Chance of cocoa beans spawning from unfertilized spruce trees is set to 33%
Fertilized APPLE and COCOA BEAN trees drop 1 APPLE or COCOA BEAN every 2 minutes
The World Border is now set at a 14,750 block radius
Tips should now work properly

Now applying new NPC system. It will be in testing.


  1. should fix the random server crashes as well :P

  2. I've tried to plant cocoa beans and apples on grass, dirt, soil and watered soil is it just not working?