Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick 5 Min update!

NOTICE: Anti-lag now works on port 1440. This will fix any connection issues.
NOTICE: When you punch a chest to lock it, it will not give you a message saying that you locked your chest. However, it is still locked and no other players can open it except yourself.

Users can now lock doors by looking at the door and typing /lock.
If the player has an item in hand, that item becomes the "key". Anyone with that "key" can unlock the door.
If the player has no items in hand, then only that player may open and close the door.

Chest locking re-configured. To lock a chest, you must punch it with an empty hand (instead of whacking it with a stick)

Users may also lock furnaces and dispensers.

Users can add "co-owners" who can also /lock and /unlock doors, chests, furnaces, and dispensers. Use /coowner to add a "co-owner" of the door, chest, furnace,o or dispenser.

Anti-lag is now enabled.
Creepers spawn again.
Creepers explode.
Nether works properly.
Players can now light their own nether portals.
Iron-City now has a nether portal and is establishing a stronghold there.
Iron-City now has guards to ward of creepers.
Andromeda now has guards to ward of creepers.
Iron-City now has plots available.
Players can now /msg again.
Players can now set their home and /home again.
Animals spawn again.

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