Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Too real? :P

Just rented a web server for the site. Its sfxworks.net (however, it will be minecraft.sfxworks.net in the near future).

Storm Burpee says he can get the ui and chat channels done in a day. Also, it will work on low-performance computers. Think of it as a new client-side redesign vs a client-side addon (Basically, starting from scratch vs adding to whats already there).

Kohjix is doing some cool backgrounds for the website.

I am finishing up the design for the UI.

If all goes well, we should have everything finished in 24 hours.

Oh...wait...the map generation..

Currently, I am working with the author of phoenixterrainmod along with a few other plugin developers.

This drawing (Yes its bad. I drew it in a rush) should explain how the server will work.

Its composed of 3 worlds for 3 times the fun! (...I guess I say corny stuff when im tired....and say corny which I havn't said in years)

In any case, this SHOULD be my last all-nighter. Ill keep you guys posted!

PS : I am aware of 1.7 on Thursday. Everything should work just fine. We were the first server to have 1.6 with bukkit and we can do it again with 1.7!


  1. Sounds great!! GET THAT SHIT WORKING! cant wait .

  2. Finally :) after this you'll all need a long rest!

  3. Get ready to post a 1.7 compatable update on the blog and get ready for a huge influx of users

  4. So,finnaly server will be online?
    How i miss Star Town... After this loooong crap,i will be happy again(Maybe)

  5. finnaly i hope that server will be god!

  6. (: even though it was a long wait, you've made it worth it ^w^
    i'm not complaining, just saying that you're a really diligent and hard worker!