Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sever Update Status

Website & Server Synchronization success.
UI In the making. I just finished the design for it.
Leveling system reconfigured. There are no longer levels that say "You must be this tall to ride this item."
Authentication system dramatically upgraded and synced with the website.
Added local chat.
Tweaked server to DRAMATICALLY reduce lag.
Added temporary developer channel (email me if you would like to help out).

Reconfiguring Map Generator. (thechillhacker)
- Will extend past the 128 block limit allowing building at MUCH greater heights.
Programming the client side UI. (Galaxy)
Creating a simple installer for the UI. (sfxworks)

To Do:
Generate the map with the continents, rivers, and oceans. (Not as hard as I thought)
Add protection, mech, and data mods.
Design scheme for the site.
Transfer world data to the New Server.
Add PVP battle grounds & other PVP configuration.

ETA: ~2-3 days. The wait will be worth it guys. Hold tight.


  1. ...more waitting ?

  2. TRUST me. Its worth the wait. This world is going to be better than all the others.

  3. Is it going to have a whitelist ? :/

  4. Whitelist? Yes. Although, I modded it so that as soon as you register you're automatically added to it. Basically, 0 wait time.

  5. My name is used haha and I hope the update works out perfectly for you but you work soo hard on this, you should get a rest :/