Friday, June 3, 2011

Server Update

Since the banner is down I guess Ill just post the minecraft IP in every first post. But anyway...

  • When you chop a log off a tree, the ascending log will now move down.
  • Added a leveling system
  • IP bans now work even if using the Anti-Lag program
  • Added an authentication system
  • Money, Trade, and user based shops are now up
  • Users can now make showcases using a half step (instead of a glass block)
  • Users can now make shops out of a chest using
  • Users can now lock their chests by LEFT-CLICKING with a STICK
  • Eating sugar now gives a "sugar rush"
  • Users can now ride ANYTHING...even players, with a SADDLE
  • GUNPOWDER now has a chance of exploding when near LAVA
  • Imported IronCity
  • Player cap increased from 15 to 30.
  • Anti-Spam is enabled. Meaning you cant say "CAN I BE OP" more than once every minute
To Do
  • Configure tips to display every few minutes
  • Create chat channels so users arnt flooded with spam
  • Terraform continents
  • Add ocean
  • Create rail line from Andromeda to IronCity
  • Make an official website for the server
  • Fix the banner on the blog

Waiting on


  1. My my, we have been busy, haven't we? :P

  2. iron city is back maybe ill stay now :D

  3. sounds awesome cant wait for the rail line from adromeda city to iron city