Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Points of Interest

Elemental City
This city is composed of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Currently, it doesn't offer lots to live on but it truly is a site to see.

Newblock City
This city is where all the creators go. If you want free resources and space to create to your hearts content this is the place for you. Newblock is the first city to offer education at its university run by Scorch.

The Nature Zone
Made by yours truly, this place offers a nice area of relaxation. Consider it the nature reserve of our server. The World Tree is what keeps our trees alive after all.

This city, built in the sky, is one of the only areas where you can see all that you were meant to. In order to live here, your house must be made of only Iron and Glass. Don't worry. This is already provided at its supply center.

Iron City
Last, and definitely not least, is Iron City. This city is the central hub for all spawning players, trade, and...well people. Iron City is in charge of supplying iron to Cloudcroft along with maintaining the Rail Network.


  1. Sweet world you got there. Is the server free? I'd like to play on it. :D

  2. Oh man, I love Minecraft. I've recently just been playing on a server run by some friends, but this is gorgeous! I'd love to play on it sometime.

  3. PLEASE tell me the server ip idk where the clipboard is on mah computer

  4. can you please whitelist me!
    My name is: kerfwet
    If you have a white list, plz make me on it!

  5. i wanna play on a server so bad cause i make some what nice things and i can never see other ppls