Saturday, July 9, 2011

minecraft 1.7 server

Register at minecraft.sfxworks.net
Connect at mcserver1337.servegame.com:1337

Plant apple trees by right clicking on soil with an apple.
Tools automatically switch to what you need them to be. Turn on and off with /at
Put a block on your head with /hat [item id]
Sit in a chair (staircases & half blocks) by right clicking
When you chop trees, they fall down
Stack fenses
Right click with your bow to toggle flaming arrows (if you have flint and tinder in your inventory)

  • Bonemeal can spread pumpkins
  • Bonemeal can spread yellow flowers
  • Bonemeal can spread red roses
  • Bonemeal can spread grass on dirt
  • Bonemeal can spread mossy cobblestone on cobblestone
  • Bonemeal can spread leaves onto adjacent dirt/grass
  • Bonemeal can grow leaves from logs
Use a hookshot

Sort your inventory

Make tables with wooden and stone pressure plates

...Thats it..
My plane leaves in less than an hour.
Peace :P

PS: If the server goes down or the power goes down, the system will restart and launch as soon as the power is back on.


  1. ohhhh is everything done :) :) :)

  2. sfx you lose power more than it snows in New England

  3. been trying to get in for a few hours looks like you had another blackout lol, where uyou flying off to hope your enjoying the flight

  4. Hey,why it's writes : Bad Login,then end of stream,when connecting?